Thursday, 11 April 2013

Travel: New York City


I'M BACK! New York, as ever, was beautiful and busy.
This was my third time in New York, and I love it as much
as the first and second time.

Some snaps from the airport and plane: 

I did rope my mum into playing naughts and crosses!

A lot happened on this trip, so lets get started.

Firstly: My camera broke whilst I was away, so sorry for the lack of pictures. I was, and am still devastated. I have (had) a Canon 550D, and to cut the story short, I spilt water onto the screen, so now it is completely BLANK! I will be getting it repaired tomorrow, so fingers crossed it's fixable, otherwise new camera here I come (and poor a Hannah).

The first day was pretty chilled, we ate a yummy breakfast at 'Blue Fin', as you can see (I had to un-button my trousers after that mighty breakfast!) and then mooched around the shops. We also went to the 9/11 memorial, it was beautiful, a must see.

The second day was the same, minus the 9/11 memorial, we mooched and had to come back to the hotel several times for outfit changes, thankfully our hotel was on times square, so we didn't have far to walk. The outfit changes weren't because I was having a 'sex in the city', i'm fabulous moment, but the weather was so very temperamental, jackets were off and on like there was no tomorrow.

The third, and last day was the best, we had lunch at Saks, we visited Sak's restaurant last year and loved it so much, we came back this year. Me and my mum both had 'the amazing chopped salad' (it's called something like that anyway), and for a dessert I had 3 macaroons, 2 pistachio (as always) and one Champagne strawberry. These were the BEST macaroons I have ever tried, and I am a regular at Laduree. I then did a spot of shopping in Saks, where I got 2 amazing jackets and we then headed off to central park for a relaxing afternoon (it was 26 degrees at this point), of eating ice lollies and sitting on various benches.

Paloma faith was on my flight back, this was very exciting for me and my mum, although I didn't get a picture (boohoo, as my camera was broken). She was wearing a very wacky outfit, and she and her friends were extremely loud! I also sat in front of a 6ft5 man on the way back, so wasn't able to put my seat back the WHOLE way for 7 AND A BIT HOURS, my back was a little sore the next day (overnight flight). 

Now back to reality...minus my beautiful camera :(

Thanks for reading.


(Girl in the green Barbour coat)


  1. i've been to new york once and i loved it too! it's just sooo pretty!

  2. This is a very cute blog :) Jealous of your trip to NYC, I went for the first time last summer and absolutely loved it!

    Helena xoxo

    P.S. I live in my Barbour!

  3. Pretty sure I got the URL wrong, clearly don't function well on Mondays!



    1. I love your blog, your life seems so exciting!!! amazing!

      Thank you!

      P.S. - Thank goodness i'm not the only one hahaha!

      Lots of love xxx

    2. Thank you :) But I assure you it's not, I just don't blog all the boring bits!

      Thanks for following :)


  4. so jealous, need to get back to New York! great photos and lovely blog pretty!

    B xxx

  5. This post is very interesting
    And you have such a nice blog !
    I'm glad I found it


    Coline ♡

  6. Awww nooo, I;m so sorry your camera broke. My worst nightmare ! I can't believe you were on the flight with Paloma Faith, she's too funny, I can imagine she'd be load ;) I'm glad to hear you had a great time, I still have never been to New York grrr it's on my list!

  7. such a cute blog! i've been dying to visit new york one day, i know i'll absolutely love it!

    She Goes Wear