Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pret-A-Portea | Fashion High Tea

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Good Afternoon.

I'M BACK! My camera is finally fixed, and I have a rather exciting outing to share with you all.

Before my AS exams had started my Mum and I decided to book Afternoon tea at the Berkeley, a little motivational treat for after my exams. 

The day finally came, and I was very excited, all dressed up and ready to go. We caught the train, and scurried off to Knightsbridge to quench our thirst and devour the sweet treats.  

 Approx* 15th tea

 Half way 'pause'

 2nd tier of goodies

The tea is inspired by fashion trends and the current seasons, and each little treat is shaped into either a handbag or bikini, as you can see above!

It was a wonderful experience, although I do still love Laduree dearly. The one thing I enjoyed thoroughly, as did my Mum, were the re-fils of tea and cakes. Being tea-a-holics this was perfect for us, we enjoyed the 'Berkeley Blend' tea and 'English breakfast', there was something special about the English breakfast, perhaps it was the setting in which I was drinking it.

My Favourite part of the tea: The pretty teapots and teacups and people watching around us (We love doing this).

Thank you for reading, hopefully a lot more posts coming your way.

- Han


  1. aww the tea pots look so cute! :)

    Leyla xx

  2. lovely post!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?
    let me know :)
    - Janine

  3. Nice blog! x

  4. I've been to this - isn't it just fantastic! I am so jealous of you going, would love to go back! lovely photos X