Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A stroll through Istanbul

Good afternoon,

I HAVE BEEN ON HOLIDAY! My family and I went on a cruise for one week at the beginning of August. The cruise itself was not really our 'cup of tea', although we L O V E travelling, so it seemed only sensible to go on a cruise as we wanted to visit Turkey and Greece this year. I have travelled most of Europe and have to say after visiting Greece numerous times now, it has definitely come out on top for me (post coming very soon).

Today however I am here to share with you our stop at Istanbul, feel free to scroll now for pictures: 

 The patterns in Istanbul in most of the buildings were beautiful, as you can see!

 There were so many wild dogs and cats around!

Mamma and I having a giggle outside the Blue Mosque 

Such wonderful vibrant colours!

 Anyone care to join me in my lounge? What can I get you...tea/coffee?

 Walking back to the ship, boo!

The day we visited Istanbul was extremely humid and grey skies.

My favourite bits about Istanbul:

1) The colours, every mosque/building you visited was splashed full of colour, my kinda thang
2) The side streets were very picturesque, although was easy to get lost, so be careful!

That's all for today Ladies and Gents, thanks for reading! 
(More Greece & Turkey posts coming VERY soon) 

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