Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hello, Athens & Mytilene!


We visited Athens and Mytilene on our cruise adventures (not on the same day, but i only had a few pictures for each). Mytilene was very quiet and so we took retreat in a local cafe most of the time. We did however have a cheeky little explore..take a look...

OOTD: Urban outfitters dress, Asos sunnies & Superga shoes

How did they build their nest here? - I do not understand.

Mytilene must have very talented birds.

Athens was one of the most interesting places I have visited, and that's saying something. 
We visited the Acropolis and first Olympic stadium. 

Did you know: Women weren't allowed to take part in the Olympics at this time (1896), and Men had to basically it naked (pretty much).

1 thing I loved were the views from the Acropolis...just look at it!


My lovely Mamma 

OOTD: Topshop Dress and (again) Superga Shoes
*Superga shoes are the comfiest shoes...even without socks, I HIGHLY recommend*

All in all both Mytilene and Athens were very interesting, 10/10.

That's all for now Ladies & Gents.

Han x

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